Short Getaway to Singapore – Part 4 (Universal Studio Singapore USS)

Universal Studio? Yes! It’s Universal Studio Singapore. The first and only Universal Studio in Southeast Asia. Can we just share an interesting fact of Universal Studio? Oh ya, there are currently only 4 Universal Studio all around the world which is 2 in US (Los Angeles and Florida), Japan and the 4th one are in Singapore. The 5th Universal Studio will be in South Korea and expected to be opened in 2016 with 20 times bigger than Universal Studio Singapore! Wow! So, if you’re in Singapore, plan your trip to USS as it wouldn’t be complete without spending your time here in the theme park.

This world-class theme park is located within Resort World Sentosa which is extremely accessible and convenient via various modes of transportation. As for us, we opt to get there by MRT (North East Line or Circle Line to Harbour Front Station) proceed with Sentosa Express with only 1 stop to Waterfront Station. Operating hours varies each day (which based on year and day of the week) and it’s advisable to check out the time via the official website. Be there early! Another important tips is to get your ticket beforehand especially on weekends. We managed to secure our tickets online with some promotional rates.

The Famous Universal Studio Globe!

The happy faces of Big Bro, SIL and lil sis.

So, before we hit all the rides and shows, ensure that you ticks all of these.

  • Camera with full batteries
  • Bring your own water
  • Wear cotton top and comfortable bottom with comfy shoes that doesn’t get soaked up water. Dress comfortably! Don’t forget your sunscreen and light umbrella as well
  • Prepare for wet weather! You’ll never know. Go get a poncho!
  • Pack all stuff in one bag – There’re a lots of rides that doesn’t allow you to bring your bag and place your bag safely in the lockers
  • Chill pill and go have fun!

Before the gate open to all the visitors, we were given a map and the show schedule as well. Hence, we planned out our route and guess what? The first rides on the list will definitely The Transformers – The Ultimate 3D Battle located within the Sci-Fi City. It was so much fun! The best ride ever where you fight evil forces in a heart pounding 3D Combat! Phewwwwww!




Next on the list are the Ancient Egypt section where you travelled back to the era of 1930s, the golden age of Egypt exploration. There’re 2 available rides here which is Revenge of the Mummy and Treasure Hunters. All the ladies decided to skip Revenge of the Mummy ride as we assumed that this must be something thrilling once the crew asked us to put all the bag in the locker and not to bring anything with us. We let the big boys to have fun then! While waiting, we check out the Treasure Hunters ride which suitable for young explorers where they can actually drive the own desert jeep through Egyptian excavation sites. Once they’re done, we have been persuaded that it’s a NO BIG DEAL ride. Big bro even offered to accompany us while FF looking over our stuff. We took the challenge and it was a big mistake! OMG! It was an indoor high-speed roller coaster in total darkness! We screamed out loud until we decided just to close our eyes in the second section. The ladies has been blown out by Big Bro and FF! Arggggggggghhh!




Let us continue our journey to the Lost World section. It features a white water raft system where you will be tossed on waterways within the Jurassic Park compound and prepared to get wet. Don’t miss the Waterworld live action pack show too! We queue for 20 minutes in a hot scorching sun just to get our place in the Amphitheatre. The show are based on the blockbuster movie, ‘Waterworld’ starring Kevin Costner.

Jurassic Park

Apple crush! We had to refill 3 times!

The Waterworld show

Enough with all the adventure and action pack thingy, we then continue our day to the Far Far Away Kingdom. It’s time for a reunion with the beautiful Princess Fiona, Shrek and the naughty Donkey. We managed to catch the Shrek 4D adventure and Donkey live show. That was basically our first time on a 4D adventure. You’ll SEE, HEAR and actually FEEL all the action from the seat complete with bounces, bumps, water spray, air blasts and etc. The Donkey live interactive show was totally awesome too! It’s not only attracts all the kids but adults too! It makes us feel like a child again.






You can actually enjoys street entertainment within the theme park. We managed to catch The Rockafellas, up close and personal taste of B’Boyin and Mel’s Dinettes which showcase Mel’s Drive In waitresses. As we are starving, all of us decided to dine in at one of the Halal restaurant, Mel’s Drive’s In. There are several Halal certified restaurant within the park besides Mel’s Drive’s In which is Friar’s and Goldilocks at Far Far Away, Oasis Spice Cafe at Ancient Egypt and Marty’s Casa Del Wild Food Court. The choice is all yours!

While waiting for the upcoming Rockafella Street Show

Mel’s Dinettes. Great vocals!


With full stomach on, we then continue our journey to the New York and Hollywood section. We had to wait almost 20 minutes in the queue just to fit ourself for the Light, Camera, Action hosted by the brilliant and famous film director, Steven Spielberg. It was worth waiting! We got blown away as the empty stage transformed to a major hurricane which is about to hit New York City, right in front of your eyes! And we squeezed ourselves for the Monster Rock Show too! Unfortunately, it was really a big failure as for us. From the music arrangement to the singer, there’s nothing to WOW about. Sorry!

Well, Hello Mr Steven Spielberg

Meet and greet session with the Cookie Monster

The boring Monster Rock Show

Last but not least, the Madagascar Zone. This zone brings us to a dense tropical jungle filled with incredible animals around. We then embark on the river ride of Madagascar – A Crate Adventure. Get prepare to be drenched in this wet river boat ride. It was totally awesome and that was the final ride for us. 😦

Our final ride of the day. Let’s do this!

In overall, we managed to cover all the zone in a day! But we missed a few street entertainment and meet and greet session too. All the rides and performances are equally spectacular. If you ask us whether we will go again to USS? Absolutely! It’s a YES! We had so much fun! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!



Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
The Province of Chroma