2012 New Year Resolution

Salam everyone,

As we come to the end of year, many of us will now considering their so call New Year resolution.  Same goes to me. Btw, isn’t it too early to talk about this ? Fret not!  

And this is my resolution for the coming year:

  • Get down and discuss with dear hubby on the financial budget for next year. I’ve been thinking for some serious saving plan for the next 5 years. Not only for me, hubby and the upcoming family members in the future.
  • Career enhancement. Does this mean i need to move out from the current company? Ermm. Deep thinking! Unfortunately, i’m currently attached in an infratstructure project which i really longed to. Ok. Now i’m totally confused!
  • PhD? Wooo! Should i? If i decided to do it, adoih, another 3 years to go?
  • Travel more and this would be the best part of all. We’ve planned for a 6 days budget backpacking trip in May and tentatively another one by end of next year. 
  • Write and read more books. I only read a few books this year which includes some heavy bibliography like Natrah, Ainuddin Pejuang Degil and etc.
  • Jr in the family. Endless doa and prayer to Allah s.w.t and from friends around. Insya allah.
  • Gonna change the blog themes and background. Been using and stick to the same themes and background for almost 3 years till now. Its hard for me to make a choice.

The list goes on but this is my current priority right now. In short, hope that my dream come true. Amin!

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma


4 thoughts on “2012 New Year Resolution

  1. had few resolution in mind but didn’t really put in down to paper, so thanks for the idea! havent heard from u in a while now, hope everyone is living well, doing well 😀


  2. Zara AB says:

    FiziskandarZ – Hey how’s life? I’m good! You just don’t see me lately since i didn’t blog a lot these days. Will write more soon!


  3. ILI says:

    zara, i’m as an associated financial planner suggest you to do long term regular saving in investment such Public Mutual & CIMB wealth advisor, for your retirement plan. They have great Islamic funds. But you need to read the prospectus, definitely. You could do the investment by cash or withdraw from your EPF account 1. Since the acc is not allowed for any cash withrawal..:)
    and for family planning, you should increase your death & critical illness sum assured. I suggest you to buy a takaful certificate (no riba, maysir & gharar). You shall do some simple calculation – calculate your total basic expenses yearly TIMES years the money should retain (during your hard time if diagnosed critical illness or for your loved one eg. your children).

    If any further info you should know, please do contact me 🙂


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