Autumn in Korea – Halal Food in Seoul

Believe us, you won’t get starve while you are in Seoul. InshaAllah, there’s always Halal Food around for a foodies like us. All the food review are based on our taste buds. Just keep in mind that we really love Korean Food as we sometimes prepared some of the dishes back home. Bibimbap and Kimchi Tofu Soup (Jjigae) are sometimes in our daily lunch and dinner menu list. People who try Korean food for the very first time might not like the strong smell and taste of Kimchi. But, no harm trying right? In this post, we are going to share a list of Halal Food that we managed to try while we were in the land of this Joseon Dynasty. Continue reading


Autumn in South Korea – Seoul Shopping Spot


Shopping is a must if you are around town in Seoul. So we decided to spend the whole day walking around town and make some damages to our wallet. Most probably. The first destination of the day is definitely the local market. We always find that the traditional local market is the best place for us to get closer with locals and also to those who are eager to see what makes the nation and culture unique. So, here we go. Gwangjang Traditional Market it is! Continue reading

Autumn in South Korea – Seoul Central Mosque, Cheonggyecheon Stream


Everytime we travel around, it’s a must for FF’s to at least pay a visit to a local mosque. Since we’re staying in Itaewon, we decided to go to the Seoul Central Mosque. What makes it more iconic is because this is the Korea’s first mosque and the only mosque in Seoul by now. One thing that really caught our eyes is definitely the big green Arabic letter of Allahuakbar, God is the Greatest. And personally, there’s always an immense feeling of calm and warm everytime you see this House of Allah S.W.T. Continue reading

Autumn in South Korea – N Seoul Tower

Right after our trip to Nami Island, we rushed back to Seoul town as we wanted to go to N Seoul Tower or formerly known as Namsan Tower. This is basically a communication and observation tower located on Namsan Mountain in Central of Seoul. Since it is located in the city centre, it offers a panoramic view of Seoul and the surrounding areas too. Amazing! Just amazing! It’s best if you could also experience the whole view during day and night. In order to do this, the strategy is simple – be there right before the sun set. Check the sun set time locally too to avoid frustration and disappointment. When we were there, the sun set at 5.40pm.

Continue reading