Sabah Bah – Exploring the Local Market (Pasar Tamu Gaya Street, Pasar Kraftangan)

Your trip to Kota Kinabalu wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the local market around town. As mum’s are with us throughout the trip, she keep reminding us to stop over at this two local markets (Pasar Tamu Gaya Street and Pasar Kraftangan Kota Kinabalu) that she wouldn’t want to miss! Alright mum! Your wish is our command. Furthermore, both of us had not missed exploring the local market in every of our destinations. So, sit back and relax. Let us bring you for a quick tour to this 2 most famous local markets.

Pasar Tamu Gaya Street 
If you wanted to visit this market, plan ahead as this market is only open on Sunday from 6.00am and last till 1.00pm. We repeat, only on SUNDAY! It’s a good place to explore and roam around if you have nothing to do or plan on a fine Sunday morning. This open air market is located in Gaya Street which stretch about 500 metres less or more. We would advise that head there as early as you can where crowds started to build up from 9.00am onwards. FF’s even got lost half way while me and mum’s are busy buying some local delicacies and crackers to bring back home. With the morning sun and the crowds, it can be a bit hot and stuffy as well. Wear your most comfortable clothes and shoes!

A friends told us that this is definitely the best place to hunt and get hold of a local souvenirs. Show off a little bit of your negotiation skills and walla! Who knows you might get the best price on the items that you choose!

Walking to the marketDSCN5809-2The famous Pasar Tamu Gaya Street. We just got to know that Tamu means ‘open air market’. Traditionally, its a place for local fishermen’s, farmer’s and vendors do their trading which later evolved to become one of the favourites place for local and even tourists. DSCN5811-2DSCN5814-2Ladies would love this!DSCN5815-2Fresh vegetables
DSCN5816-2DSCN5817-2Getting yourself a pet at the market? Yes! you can actually do that here! It’s not impossible here. Let’s pick one then.

Local newspaper
DSCN5821-2This is what we love most! Mum’s always randomly bought food or snacks that are soooo delicious! We guess, mum’s instinct are always the best! They are Kuih Celurut, Celorot, Jelurut or whatever it is! It was our first time trying and it was so good! This is a traditional sweet snack made of rice flour cake and coconut milk, wrapped in a young coconut leaf in cone shape. It can also be found in Brunei and certain parts of Indonesia. Other than that, we also tried the ‘Pulut Panggang Sabah’. Oh my! No words can describe.

Kuih Celurut, Celorot or JelurutDSCN5822-2

Pulut PanggangDSCN5824-2

As for us, we do think that Pasar Tamu Gaya Street is place where you can witness and observe a snapshot of local life and culture in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Furthermore, the ideal location of the market right in the centre of Kota Kinabalu makes it easy for tourists to reach this unique Sabah market.

The famous Caprila Ice Cream. We missed this out as it was running out fast.DSCN5826-2DSCN5827-2

Pasar Kraftangan Kota Kinabalu (Handicraft Market) or Pasar Filipina (Phillipines Market)
This famous market is located at Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen or very near to the KK Waterfront. This Handicraft Market is better known as Filipino Market among locals and open daily as early as 7.30am till 7.30pm at night. And why it was called as Filipino Market? We were made to understand that the market is run by Filipino immigrants. Here, you can find a lots of stuff just as the Pasar Tamu Gaya Street, as we mentioned earlier.

One of the things that you shall buy is definitely the famous pearls priced at around RM5 just for a pair or earrings. You can even do an alteration to your jeans or clothes here too. We were so attracted seeing a row of guys waiting for some customers at their sewing machine. That was something unique for us! And this is the best place to get a supply of your dried seafood too! From anchovies, dried prawns, salted fish and many others. Talking about the sellers here, they can be so informative on the do’s and dont’s for every each of the airlines. It triggered us when they asked us which airlines are we taking to depart home.


The alteration serviceDSCN6095-2DSCN6092-2

The dried seafood sectionDSCN6089-2DSCN6091-2DSCN6093-2DSCN6097-2

The delicious Kuih Penjaram or Penaram

We promised you that both of these markets, Pasar Tamu Gaya Street and Pasar Kraftangan / Filipino Market will not disappoint you in your shopping exploration and exursion! So, what are you guys waiting for?

Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
ZaraAB Travel #zaraabtravel
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8 thoughts on “Sabah Bah – Exploring the Local Market (Pasar Tamu Gaya Street, Pasar Kraftangan)

  1. That pulut panggang is called lamban among the locals. Hihi used to have them every Friday whenever I followed my late grandma to the tamu.

    Tell u what, the Caprilla truck has been around for more than 30 years. Same spot every Sunday.


  2. Bibie Karim – Ohhh, it’s Lamban! It’s super delicious Bibie. Like seriously. Berebut among us when my mum’s only bought just a few of it as she wanted to try those. But it end up that she had to sacrifice it for us. Hahaha. Talking about that Caprila Ice Cream truck, we didn’t got a chance to try as it was running out of ice cream. Cepat gile dah abis. That’s make sense why they were there since 30 years back!


  3. MJ says:

    Salam, nak tanya kenapa entry ke sabah lain2 xsekali kan yea ? ke sebab setiap satu entry empt2 yg dilawati tu dekat2 ?


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