Mingalabar Inle Lake – Local Product Workshop, Long Neck Tribal, Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda and Cat Monestry


To be frank, we actually skipped a few others workshop offered by our boatman such as the silversmith workshop and many others. Again, no harm telling them if you’re not interested and to proceed with the next pit stop. This handmade umbrella workshop detour came just in coincidence as we’re too eager to meet up with the Long Neck Tribal Women from the Padaung Tribe. This handmade umbrella were made from bamboo (as for the handle) as well as mulberry tree. Everything were make to perfection. Continue reading


Mingalabar Inle Lake – Floating Garden, Floating Village and Local Products Workshop


As Myanmar’s Inle Lake is one of the largest lakes in the country, locals created a floating garden to grow vegetables and fruits supplies such as tomatoes, pumpkins and many others. Yes, we were not kidding. It’s a floating garden on the lake. It’s really an eye-opener for both of us all this while, we only see people grows on a dry land. We read a few articles which mentioned that from above, certain area such as Ywama Village is so filled with floating garden that it appears more land than lake. Continue reading

Mingalabar Inle Lake – Seagulls In Flight and Intha Fisherman of Inle Lake

As promised, we woke up early in the morning for the long-awaited Inle Lake sightseeing tour. We managed to secure a boat ride the day before with our hotel for the price of 15,000 Kyat (USD15) which covered a half day tour. Various packages been offered by the boat operator (which includes the floating market, Indein Ruins, the south of Inle lake and etc) and we can actually tailor-made our trip based on our preferences. We were told that it’s best to start our journey at 7.00am as for the morning ride. We got hooked with the statement by the receptionist! So that is it! Continue reading

Mingalabar Inle Lake – 10 Hours Minivan Ride to Nyaungshwe

Based on our travel itinerary, after a night in Bagan, it’s time for us to move to Nyaungshwe or also known as Yawnghwe. Nyaungshwe are the main access point to this beautiful and iconic destination of Myanmar, Inle Lake where it is now grown into a bustling traveller centre with a high numbers of guesthouse, hotels, restaurants and many others. After a few discussion, we decided to take the earliest bus to Nyaungshwe at 7.00am via minivan where we could experience the daytime journey and the hillview with an average price of USD15. Another trip will be at 7.00pm via express bus.  Continue reading