Travel Bloglist


Backpackerbusuk  by Fatt
Budak Letrik by Hazwan Hafiz
The Journey of Love, Happiness & Joy by Farakica’s World
Five Foot Traveller  by Anis Ibrahim
From Malaysia to The World  by Dan Arif
It’s All About My Life  by Zilla The Ignorant Brat  by Jard The Great
Jari Manis Travel by Jari Manis
Jea Mohamad by Jea Mohamad
Journey Through Life by Niza Zainal
Kakiku Jalan Jalan by Mario Ronaldoe
Kaki Travel Khairuddin by Muhammad Khairuddin Lim
Kampung Boys Goes Globe Trotting by Muhamad Akmal
Lily Riani The GlobeTrotter  by Lily Riani
Living to Explore by Faizah Mohamed (Pae)
Malaysian Nomad – One’s Man Journey to Unknown by Zahariz Khuzaimah
My Life, My Thoughts, My Dreams by Bibie Karim
My Story is on Lifetimes by Shahrule
Nanatron on The Move by Nanatron
Passport to the World by Hidayah
Ramble and Wander  by R.A.W
ScdhaSein Photo by ScdhaSein
SuperMeng Malaya by SuperMeng
Take a Breath and Enjoy The View by DzuliChan
That So Farah – Raipsing Through The World  by Farah Nadiah
The Best Things in Life  by Kairul Izwan
The Journey Passport  by Hidayah
The Travelling 3o by The Travelling3o Trio
Travel and Living Journal of Diana Teo  by Diana Teo
Travel Chameleon – A Serious Case of Wanderlust  by Fie
Travelogue ET  by Et
Who Travel Cheap but Fun  by Biqque

Indra Travelholic by Indra Prasetya Nugraha
Trip to Trip (English Version)  by Febry Fawzi

Have Halal Will Travel by #HHWT


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