Things to do in Cherating

Let us continue from our previous post. It’s been quite a while. As mentioned previously, there’s a lot to explore in Cherating. We were definitely wrong at the first place. It’s just not a beautiful beach lies along the stunning coastline, but it’s more than that. It was found to be convenient as a weekend and  short getaway too as it’s much closer to the Kuala Lumpur city centre with just a 3 hours drive. If you are happened to be in Cherating and plan for a holiday trip soon, this is definitely what you can do and explore in Cherating. So, let’s go!

Turtle Sanctuary and Information Centre

With a vast coastline facing the South China Sea, Pahang regulary sees turtles to land and nest in various location of the local beaches. One of it is in Cherating, Pahang and to be exact, along Pantai Chendor. Therefore, it was found that there is a needs and concern of preserving the turtle population as it was one of the endangered species. The centre was actually operated as a small hatchery place in 1972 and it was then officially open to public in 1988 in order to educate locals on the importance of the conservation programme. It was fully managed by the Department of Fisheries Malaysia together with the Pahang State Government as a center to provide turtle protection and conservation programme.  Some of the main activities carried out by the center which includes a collection of turtle eggs and relocation of the eggs as part of the turtle hatching programme.



You can spotted the turtle hatchery area just right by the beach. This is where the eggs are kept in the incubation period of 50 to 60 days and monitored around the clock by the management.


The cute baby turtles


Pantai Chendor


We were informed that we will experience releasing the baby turtles to the sea too! Priceless moment for us as this is our first experience releasing baby turtles to open sea. As mentioned to us, only a small numbers of turtles could survive to become an adult turtle based on studies and research by the center. If you’re in Cherating, you should do this and experience it once in a lifetime.

Be safe baby turtle. Be strong!


If you are a turtle lover, this is the place to visit and shall not be missed! Not to forget, do enjoy a short video by Ashraf Saharudin on a live shot of turtle watching and conversation programme.

Additional Information:
Admission Fee – Free (But please donate to the center for the conversation programme)
Address – 26050 Balok, Cherating, Kuantan, Pahang.
Contact No – 09-581 9087
Visiting Hours – 9.00am to 12.00pm and 2.00pm to 5.30pm (Tuesday to Sunday), 9.00am to 12.00pm and 3.00pm to 5.30pm (Friday). The centre is closed on Mondays.

Hafiz Friendly Fireflies Watch

We managed to join the Hafiz’s fireflies tour on the mangrove river and we got blown away by it! Hafiz itself is a very informative and knowledgeable guide. You’ll be impressed to see how the fireflies come from right to left and left to right when Hafiz is calling with his torches and hand motions. It was once in a life time experience under million of stars light up the sky. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to capture the moment with a flash light as we’ve been reminded earlier that it will be distracting the fireflies to draw nearer. Just sit back and enjoy the mother nature. We were informed that the fireflies species in Cherating river is slightly different from the fireflies species in Kuala Selangor as Kuala Selangor has 4 types of fireflies.


Additional Information:

Address – 7/1156 Kg. Cherating, 26080 Kuantan, Pahang
Contact No – 017- 978 9256 / 017 – 940 6898
Blog –

Cherating Mangrove River Cruise

On the next day, we hopped in the boat again to explore the Cherating River, the same river that we went to catch the fireflies trip. During day time, it’s best to explore the nature and wildlife in their natural habitat. You can actually spotted some wildlife such as monkeys, snakes, monitor lizards, kingfishers and others.

Cruising the Cherating River


Capturing the moments


Be mesmerized with the nature


We spotted ‘Pakcik’ catching ‘ketam nipah’. He managed to catch a few of it. Just his lucky day.





Catch a video by BeatTV on the Cherating Mangrove River Cruise taken during our recent trip.

Experience Batik Painting at Limbong Art

While you were in Cherating, you can actually learn the art of batik painting at one of the stalls which is Limbong Art. It was managed by such a lovely couple, Abang Mazlan and Kak Umi. We were given an explanation on the process of ‘Batik’ making. They even provide a ‘Batik’ painting lesson for those who are interested and keen to learn with a very affordable price ranging from RM 35 to RM 75.


Additional Information:
Operating Hours – 10.00 am to 10.00 pm, daily
Address – 2/1000 Kampung Cherating Lama, 26080 Kuantan, Pahang

Keropok Cap Intan

After quite sometimes exploring all the activities of the day, our stomach growling asking to be feed. We were then brought to try one of the most famous local delicacies in the East Coast which is the ‘keropok lekor’. What make us surprise is when the bus stopped at a shop which look very familiar to us as our families often bought it from here.  They served the best ‘keropok lekor’ in town.

‘Keropok lekor’ is a fish sausages made from a fish meat blended with sago flour and other essential spices. This will be rolled into small sausages and fried or steamed based on our preferences. They even sell fish crackers too.

‘Keropok lekor’ in the making.


The drying process of fish crackers under the sun


The prepack fish crackers


The dipping sauce. Must have!


Additional Information:
Contact No. – 09 – 868 4678 (Puan Rohani binti Awang @ Mamat)
Location – Kg. Kuala Kemaman, Kemaman, Terengganu

Besides all the activities listed, you can actually explore more in other kind of activities such as snorkelling trip, deep-sea fishing trip, river kayaking, wind surfing, surf boarding and others. We really look forward to come back to the calm and serene Cherating soon.

Our compliments goes to M-Mode Berhad, The Legend Resort Cherating, Grand Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Tourism Malaysia, Pahang Tourism and Santai Travel Magazine for organizing and inviting us to the ‘Sahabat Media Cuti – Cuti 1 Malaysia to Cherating, Kuantan, Pahang’.

Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
The Province of Chroma


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