Discover Tasmania – The Arrival & Richmond Town

Yeap! We’re finally in the land of Australia last autumn. It came to our surprised that both of us received the same Emirates promotional newsletter on their latest route which is to Melbourne, Australia. Hence, we checked out the flight ticket rates plus the travelling time and we found that it was way too reasonable for this premium airlines. Without any further thought, that its! A return flight ticket for both of us to Melbourne, Australia. Yeahhh! And how Tasmania came into the picture? We were browsing through this blog of Travelling3o for quite sometimes. We really adored all their beautiful pictures especially the one in Tasmania and we told ourself that we should be there one day too! You should check out their full blog entry and the pictures as well! To make it ‘worst’, I was talking to DzuliChan via online and told her about our plan of going to Melbourne. And should we divert our plan to Tasmania too? She persuaded me (without failed) of going there this time around.

Did you see what is happening around here? I guess, we are too easy to be influenced right? We then immediately secured another local airlines ticket via jetstar as this is the cheapest that we could get which is from Melbourne – Hobart – Launceston – Melbourne.

The Happy Faces before we get onboard! Bye Bye Kuala LumpurDSCN6102-2

Oh ya, first thing first! When you are planning to visit Australia, they are important things that you should know such as visa application. We applied for a Visitor Visa which allowed us to stay up to 3 months through an online Travel Agent : Cik Intan and she can be contacted via e-mail at: Good service I would say. Everything was completed within a day! You will also need to know what you can and cannot bring into Australia as well as what to experience when travelling through Australian Airports. We declared eveything that we have even our medicine and foods that we brought along with us. Everything was soo smooth for us. Nothing to be worried about.

The Arrival
We arrived at Melbourne Tullmarine Airport Terminal 3 around 1.30am and our next flight to Hobart is scheduled at 6.00am. Merasa la tido airport bench for 3 hours. Tido tido ayam je pun. 😀

Helloo Melbourne!DSCN6108-2After a quick breakfast and freshen up, we’re now ready for our next flight to Hobart! Can’t wait!DSCN6109-2DSCN6110-2

It took us only 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Hobart from Melbourne. That was a quick flight. We didn’t sleep throughout our flight as we got too excited to explore the only island state of Australia. Why Hobart? This is because Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania and the second oldest in Australia. It’s offers a blend of scenery, culture, heritage with a modern lifestyle. Now we understand. That’s make a reason why Lonely Planet has called Hobart as one of the top ten spots to visit in the world!

Check out the view of Hobart from aboveDSCN6114-2DSCN6117-2

Finally landed at Hobart Airport!DSCN6121-2DSCN6123-2

To ease our journey here in Tasmania, we decided to rent a car and we opt for Europcar as they offered us the cheapest. You can use this website by Vroomvroomvroom for comparison we other car rental companies. Another tips that we learned is that, for car rental, you can actually arrange that car to be pick up from this airport and to be returned at another airport. So, what we did was we picked up our car at Hobart Airport and returned it at Launceston Airport! Therefore, we don’t have to travel back to where we start. Wallllaaa!


With the thick booklet maps in hand, we’re ready to hit the road!DSCN6134-2

Richmond Town is just 25km away from Hobart International Airport with an average of 30 minutes drive. Driving to Richmond, you’ll get to see a vineyards on both your left and right hand side. It has quite a numbers of Gregorian Buildings which has been converted to small cafes and bakeries, restaurants, galleries and many others. But the most famous landmark of Richmond is the Richmond Bridge. It was believe that this is the oldest bridge in Australia and was built way back in the 1820s.

The grassy banks of the Coal River. Such a perfect spot for picnic!DSCN6143-2

Richmond BridgeDSCN6141-2DSCN6145-2DSCN6146-2DSCN6152-2DSCN6147-2

Hellooo FF!DSCN6154-2

Since it’s gonna be such a loooonnnnggg day for both of us, we decided to stop over at Richmond Town to get some foods and drinks supply. We just love the old town. Looking back at the buildings, it tells us the story of an early Australian Colonial Village. The people are sooo friendly and helpful too. And it seems that they know everyone there so well.DSCN6155-2DSCN6156-2DSCN6160-2DSCN6167-2

We would suggest that if you’re driving towards East Coast from Hobart, consider visiting Richmond on your way. We will continue our journey to this beautiful island of Bruny Island which has the most beautiful preserved natural environment and wildlife!DSCN6168-2

Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
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5 thoughts on “Discover Tasmania – The Arrival & Richmond Town

  1. Dzulichan – Ya, after a year. Shhhhh! Yeap, i baca jugak pesal Aurora Australis nie at Discover Tasmania website. Untunglah kalau dapat pergi! It’s like a dream come true. 😀


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