Sabah Bah – Hello Tamparuli (Jambatan Tamparuli, Rumah Terbalik)

Before heading directly to Kundasang Town, we decided to maneuver our route to this small town of Tamparuli in the district of Tuaran. What’s with this place of Tamparuli and what’s all the fuss about this place? To answer your question, this is exactly where the most famous landmark of Tamparuli, the hanging bridge and the first Malaysia ‘Upside Down House’ or ‘Rumah Terbalik’ is located. Just get to know that Tamparuli is also the most convenient stop to town of Kiulu, a popular white water rafting destination for domestic as well as foreigner tourists. Let’s go guys!


Jambatan Tamparuli
Talking about Jambatan Tamparuli, it reminds us of the old Dusun song sang by Justin Lusah way back in the mid of 1970s. Ya, ya, we know that we are not born at that time, yet. It got even popular when it covered by this Akademi Fantasia reality show artist, Marsha Milan Londoh. Anyway, the melody sounds so catchy! The original bridge of Tamparuli has been washed away during the major flood which hit the Tamparuli town in 1999. What we can actually see today is the new hanging bridge which has been relocated together with a low bridge just next to it. It is a very narrow bridge which only let single vehicle to pass through it at one time. Hence, please be tolerate if you are driving around!DSCN5831-2

The Hanging Bridge. Some said, this is even better than the original bridge. Correct us if we’re wrong.DSCN5834-2DSCN5835-2DSCN5837-2

I’m not kidding! It’s scorching hot out there. For real! To make it worse, left my sunglasses in the car. Brilliant, just brilliant!DSCN5838-2

We also explored the other end of the hanging bridge where there are local market selling local products and unique delicacies. They even shared with us that there is also weekly Tamu (market) which happens every Wednesday in the town centre. You might one to catch the market if you are around town.

Rumah Terbalik – The Upside Down House of Borneo
Finally, the long awaited of ‘Rumah Terbalik’ or The Upside Down House of Borneo. Its very easy to spot the house as road signages was provided all along the road. We paid RM10.00 each for an adult ticket and we don’t even know what to expect. We waited for more than 20 minutes in the line, but just to kill the time, we walked and explored the area before they called us up.


The only thing that we could remembered is that we were brought inside the traditional Sabah kampung house which equipped with all the home necessities and equipments in a different perspective which are upside down in just less than 15 minutes. To add frustration, you’re not allowed to take photograph inside the house. And that make us wondering whether does it worth the money paying for the expensive entrance ticket versus the time allocated for the visitors. Ermmmm. You conclude!




With all the frustration, we then decided to have our lunch at the Mango Garden Restaurant within the area. It really save the day! We had one of the best Mee Tuaran and Mee Sup Ikan (which we have reviewed it in the earlier post). In overall, this place could be one of the ‘must see’ attraction on your Sabah itinerary, but to think it twice, it will not guarantees that it will be one of your most memorable experiences in Sabah.

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6 thoughts on “Sabah Bah – Hello Tamparuli (Jambatan Tamparuli, Rumah Terbalik)

  1. Terus teringat trip I ke sini dulu, masih sama lagi.

    Yang kelakarnya Zara, kawan I salah bawak pegi Jambatan Tamparuli padahal dia orang KK!

    Ntah jambatan kampung mana ntah. Haha. Kitorg stop sbb ada signboard guna tayar tulis Jambatan Tamparuli. Hahaha.


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