Paris Van Java

Salamz everyone

Paris Van Java? Ya, its Bandung. It supposed to be famous on all the Dutsch heritage but it seems that it is now famous due to the blooming factory outlet store at every roadside. And not to forget good talent in the entertainment world. I was there a week before puasa. And so happen that on that week itself the H1N1 death cases keep increasing day by day. But we still decided to proceed with the plan since the ticket dah beli 6 months ago. And i need to go to get my stuff for my mission as well. Thats the main plan. My colleagues sms me while i was walking to the custom “U gi mana plak nie this time? berjalan jek! i saw u with ur surgical mask on and ur green shirt, tats u kan? i’m on my way to Penang for a meeting”. Tergelak jek baca, stalker punya colleagues, pakai surgical mask pun leh recognize!


Once we touched down in Bandung airport, we hardly get the taxi since we did not ask our supir to pick us up where it was easy to get taxi before this. While waiting, i saw the Indonesia flags were put up everywhere and i did asked one of the taxi coordinator there “ada acara apa yang Pak diletak benderanya kayak gini?” and he replied that, it will be their independent day on Monday! Gosh, salah time nie. And Bandung town will be packed with Jakarta peoples since it was only 2 hours drive with highway. Lagi plak cuti on Monday tue. ermm, luckily our supir is really good with the road. We hardly stuck in the traffic jam. Macet, macet!

For real, i’m such a travel addicted and snapping up the photos around. But in Bandung, i have to admit since i dont take much photos there. Mana taknya, my 2 hands is full with stuff and plastic bag. Arggh! hehehe. But mission accomplished! Happy! I did even leave my camera bag with the supir sbb tak larat nak bawak barang banyak-banyak nanti. Mum’s and sis are really familiar with all the roads since they went there frequently in a year.

I think the best part of the trip was Kampung Daun! Its a cultural village and when we was there, they were having a night market and we could try out all the local delicacies. The ambience was great and not to mentioned their Strawberry Juice. Terbaik!



And yes, they are celebrating their independent day on 17 August. Btw, Jonas Photo rocks! I bought quite a number of frames. Hahaha. Sampai kena gelak with my friends. Penuh backpack and my luggage bag. Tapi murah lar and the design is different as well. Can’t resist to take home.


Argghh, mission date ticking! Ok, ok, i’m almost there.

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma

P.S : My mum’s is having her own FB acc. hehehe. for real! if last time pandai YM, skrang dah ada webcam at home and asked me to give her a tutorial on how to use the facebook via video call! Apakah? Wasn’t that cute? Mama, mama.