The Shot

Salamz everyone

Ya, straight to the point. These are all the pix and shot taken by my bff, Lian from newlyweds photo and obviously she will be one my becoming bridesmaid for my big day. Amir, her partner couldnt be with us on the photoshoot since he was way back in Johor. But Bard and Yana was there as well to accompany us for the whole journey of the photoshoot yg panas giler! Seriously! Nasib baik dapat break jap while enjoying our cranberries sparkling juice. I heart that! Hehe. It all started early in the morning (not exactly early lar since my fiance ada hal plak kat office) with full of laughter! Camner la nak buat photoshoot while the photographer are one of my bff! Confirm hancus la kan! Lian, lian.

Special thanks goes to Lian, Bard and Yana for making the day! You guys rock!







Too much shot was taken on that day! These are a few shot edited by Lian since she was busy for her final exam this week! Good luck girl. I owe u dear!

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma


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