Surabaya – Part 4 (Cemoro Lawang, Kabupaten Probolinggo)

Right after our ‘heavy’ breakfast and some overdosed of hot Sosro tea to kill the cold morning air, we had a quick nap till 11.00am. Confirm semua terbungkam tido kat bilik. Oh ya, I didn’t mention about our hotel in the previous entries. We’ve booked Hotel Cemara Indah through Agoda. Unfortunately, the hotel doesn’t look very much impressive where no ‘HOT’ shower (even though they claimed that have this facilities) and slow water supply in our rooms. We should have book from Lava View Lodge as advised by our Pak Supir. Luckily, the whole view from the hotel itself save all the troubles that we’ve faced.





We continued with the journey back to Surabaya at 12.00pm. Since we’ve reached the place somewhere around midnight the day before, we actually couldn’t see the whole view of the village. So, i guess this is the only times to appreciate the view and surroundings. The main activities at this Cemoro Lawang village are farming (potatoes, onion and etc). You can actually see a lots of onion and potatoes patch around but do remembered that its dry season and you might see empty patches at certain area.




As we leave the village and reached the main street of Probolinggo area, mum’s keep reminding that we shall stop at any of the mango stall by the roadside to taste the local mango. I only knew that Probolinggo is famous of its mango and grapes at that point of time. Probolinggo mango will spread all over the market within Indonesia from May – October and the price is super cheap! We managed to get a kilo of mango with the price of IDR 5000. How cheap is that? An average of RM 1.60 per kilo.




We finally reached Surabaya town after 4 hours of journey. We will continue our journey on Part 5 – Surabaya Metropolitan City.

Simply me,
Zara AB
The Province of Chroma

7 thoughts on “Surabaya – Part 4 (Cemoro Lawang, Kabupaten Probolinggo)

  1. cuaca yang bagus..langit membiru, cantik..

    ini antara tempat yang fav saya..takan pernah jemu ke sini..I’Allah next year nak ke sini lagi untuk try something different…


  2. FebryFawzi – Oh ya, musim mangga! Murah banget!
    Zilla – Alhamdulillah, cuaca bagus masa saya di sana. I was told that rainfall for the past one week. I’ve the same plan as well. If ada rezeki nak ke Padang Savana (The Teletubbies) and Kawah Ijen. Missed that one earlier.


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