Bangkok – Part 5 (Asiatique The Riverfront)

Asiatique The Riverfront was not in our initial plan. We never heard of it before but if we’re not mistaken, there’s a short entry on this by K.E.R.I . Right after our mouthful dinner and prayer, the van driver then drove us here since there’s a few hours left. Once he dropped us at the parking area, we’re totally clueless. Samat (the van driver) told us that it’s a brand new version of night bazaar in Bangkok. After walking around, we spotted a giant anchor, traditional carts and etc. We then realized that Asiatique was once an international trade ports in 1900s (as one of the earliest portals) which is now been transformed with thousand of boutique, kiosks, restaurants and many mores.

How to get here: BTS – Saphan Thaksin and walk to the Pier to take a free  Asiatique shuttle boats (from 4pm – 11.30pm).



We found this passport and it have a few checkpoints. You can use the chamber stamping provided at the checkpoints to press onto the passport. We wanted to keep the same when we were in Terminal 21. Unfortunately, they are running out of stock. Just not our luck. 😦



The warehouse



Spending an evening here is no problem: you’ll have good fun browsing the boutiques, picking up gifts or something for yourself; you are guaranteed to find something you would like to eat and if this isn’t enough entertainment, shows are performed nightly: Calypso ladyboy cabaret and soon, a classic Thai puppets performance.



We stopped for some Turkish ice cream. As usual, it wouldn’t be Turkish ice cream without a man doing tricks.

There’s also a few group of musicians performing along the alley. And even an artist as well!

If you are in Bangkok, why don’t you just drop by and stroll down this large-scale night bazaar. It is definitely worth spending your evening here.

We will continue our journey on Part 6 – The Grand Palace.

Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
The Province of Chroma

8 thoughts on “Bangkok – Part 5 (Asiatique The Riverfront)

  1. Diana Diane Teo – It was not included in our itinerary pun before this. Our new friend brought us here. At first, we thought that it would be the same kind of riverfront but it’s not. Banyak live performance as well.


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