Beijing – Part 1 (March 2008)

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I’ve been away for a week. And actually, i did went to Beijing and transit in Bangkok for my holiday trip wit my mum. It basically mum’s post retirement holiday trip. We purposely choose to fly with Thai Airways since mum’s eagerly to have flying experience with the airlines. Saja nak merasa macam mana flying with Thai Airways since the travel agent did gave us a choice whether it will be  MAS or Thai Airways.

Basically, we booked a full trip with the travel agent. So, cuci tangan je lar. All the arrangement are by them. When i was in Beijing, especially time breakfast kat hotel, we met up with these 2 of malaysian group kat sana. Sampai tak larat nak jawab when they asked me ikut group mana. Me and my mum actually went on private tour. Bukan sebab aper, its actually because termiss group. That is the reason the travel agent is giving us a private tour which i found a lil bit easier rather than you’re in big group.

Beijing was such a nice place, but seriously, there’s no place like home. Been there for 5 days and the 2008 olympic fever is everywhere at that point of time. The stadium and the olympic road pun are still on construction. We managed to meet up with one of the shop owner from Malaysia and he was such a nice person (sebab we got 40% discount at his jewellery store and a VIP treatment, but we ended up buying nothing from the store).

The tourist attraction mmg best especially to know more on their ancient history. I do find that camera stuffs are really expensive there. I’ve dropped by to a few camera stores and i can said that the nikon SB600 flash cost you about RM1.3K an SB800 cost you about RM2.4K. That’s way expensive! Sebab government  are not into imported stuffs. Due to that, i’ve been approached 3 times by the local peoples there. Wait, wait. I’ve been approached sebab since they wanted to buy my camera. No way jose’. That’s my only Dino i have.

Sunset in Beijing. Exactly when we reached there. Managed to capture this when i was in the van. null

Early in the morning. Busy town as you can see. I just love the reflection on the glass.

Tiannamen Square. If i’m not mistaken, is the third largest city square in the world. Just in front of the square, you can see a gate which is the main entrance to the forbidden city.

Pak Polisi around the Tiannamen Square. You can see a large numbers of police walking around the city square. Right after i took his photo, i’ve been chased out by his colleagues around in Chinese Languange. I just put up my hand and said sorry to them.

Large potrait of Mao Tse Tung or Chairman Moa, the most respected leader in China.

Local peoples from the other provinces. During winter, most of the peoples from other provinces will come over to big city such as Beijing, Shanghai and others to travel.

Right infront of the Tiannamen Square was the Forbidden City. Earlier, i couldn’t expect how big it is. I was so amazed when i walk from the entrance till the exit. MasyaAllah.

It took me almost more than 2 hours to walk through the north gate and end up at south gate. Sampai tak sedar pun where it’s almost lunch time dah. Besar tak yah cakap lar. Coincidence ramai betul orang masa tue. Luckily, my tourist guide, MengMeng is such a good story teller in defining her ancient stories. I was so impressed with all the building in the forbidden city and every single elements and structures are made for reason. And it’s very much affected and influenced with their ‘Feng shui’ as well. Dengan segala benda yg boleh dipegang kat Forbidden City tue, most of the visitors are trying their best to touch and hold where they believe that it is for “Good Luck” and as a lucky charm.

The main entrance

The Palace Museum

The Emperor’s Place

Trying their very best to touch it

It used to be a workers staff and now a mini museum

Nice to see and nice to hold

The longest stone carving

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma

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