Up Up the Hill

Salam everyone,

Up up the hill? Yeap. We were in Cameron Highlands early March this year. Late entry as usual. We did celebrated our beloved mother, my hubby and sis in law birthday. And coincidence it was my bro and sis in law wedding anniversary as well. So we end up having a family trip to Cameron Highland. Most of us (myself, hubby, sis, bro and SIL) are over excited on the trip since we were there 20 years back. Masa kecik-kecik dulu. Hehehe. Pity us! Nasib baik ada evidence gambar- gambar gi cameron masa kecik.

We started our journey early Saturday morning and reach there right before lunch time. We check in to our apartment and carik food for lunch. And we drop by to Alif Kopitiam in Brinchang.


Right after that we start our journey to Mardi and we spent soo much time there since tempat tue besar. From tea plantation, grape, apple, all sorts of flower from gerbera, roses, crysanthemum, golden chain, cactus and etc. Couldnt remember much! Hehehe. And the best part is that, still rasa sejuk at CH nie. And not to forget, Al-Masyoor strawberry farm. We had the best strawberry ice cream. Each of us had 2 cups of it! Sedap gile. Argghhh!



And this is obviously my lil sis where she didnt realized that she has been captured on camera! Hehehe. Most of us berangan like hell seeing all this flowers around. How i wish we had this at home. Hehehe.



I couldnt snap much photos since my battery has gone flat just before we reach the Tea Valley at Tanah Rata. We couldnt visit the Boh Plantation sbb dah petang. So, we decided to drop by at Cameron Tea Valley to have our tea and scones. Superb! And not to forget the breathtaking view. The view overlooking the plantation is beautiful and perfect for the picture album! And its totally true that your trip to CH is not complete without a trip to one of these tea plantation.

And do drop by at Green View Garden. You will have the best strawberry shake, strawberry juice, strawberry truffle! Everything is fresh there.

This is the summary of our journey – Tanah Rata (MARDI and Cameron Valley Tea Plantation) – Brinchang (Night Market –> Highlight!) – Kea Farm (Vege and Flowers Centre) – Kg Terla – Kg Raja (Green View Garden) – Simpang Pulai.

Hope, there will be next time.

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma

7 thoughts on “Up Up the Hill

  1. huhuhu..really wish dat someone willing to drive me there..da lama tak p..likes an ages da tak p sana..last time i p sana leh pakai baby t jek..tak sejuk..owh..owhh.. i nak ppppppppppppp


  2. bestnye cameron… Lama tak gie sana dah..maseh sejuk Lagi kah? haha puan zara.. Lama gak tak dgr2 khabar yerp…sama La..bz siket jer..hehe ape perkembangan? moga semua ok


  3. zara7696 says:

    Norul – Thanks!
    Ecah – Ok lar cik ecah for weekend getaway. Lagipun we were there for 2 days jek. Should be enuff. You should go there as well. Aler, dekat ngan KL jek.
    Sani – Sejuk gak lar at nite. Yeap! Lama tak dengar khabar berita En Sani gak! Haih! Perkembangan? so so jek!
    Tutcute – Thanks!


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