GIVE Day Out 2011

Salam everyone,

GIVE Day Out 2011!  This was actually one of the biggest event in 2011 for the company that i’m currently working with. It seems that everybody were so into it and to play their part and roles for the community. It’s a day for us to come up with such charitable deeds with lots of fun. This event was actually worldwide, to be exact, it covered Malaysia, India and Middle East  and it will be conducted on the same days. I found that it was such a brilliant idea in order to get the whole staff for full involvement in the company social responsibilities.

We’ve came up with an idea to plant tree along the alignment of our highway construction project and to send some contribution and spare some of our times with the kids at the Positive Shelter Home (POSHe) at Bandar Tun Razak (in conjuction of the World Aids Day) and Rumah Kanak-Kanak Angels in Ampang. I’ve volunteered to go the Positive Shelter Home and that is the reason why all of my pictures linger around at the home as mentioned.

The guestbook

Sorting and segregating out the breakfast. Thanks Wanie’s for waking up early in the morning to buy breakfast for everybody.

Their personal items. I bet its a gift from Ambank.

Half of the team. Some of us have the left early for another programme – tree planting.

Full enthutiasm by the staff hearing to Mak Wan (the founder) stories.


The next IJM Ambassador i guess. From left, Zurra, Nazree and Wanie.

our new friend, Hisham. An 8 years old boy. Love his smile. Priceless.

Zurra and Nazree with Abg Long, the oldest among all. He’s way too shy.

And not to forget, me with all of them. Can’t resist to put this photos as well!

I would like to say thanks to Wanie since all the pix was captured using his Nikon D5000! Thanks again. Kidnapped ur Nikon jap.

Hope to see another GIVE Programme next year. Can’t wait.

The Province of Chroma

4 thoughts on “GIVE Day Out 2011

  1. Zara AB says:

    Dalam i-portal? i thought i only posted it on Give Day Out FB Page jek. If u saw it on FB, then it would be the same one lar. Ya, really looking forward to get involved in the same event next year. Insya Allah.


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