Precious Time

Salamz Everyone
I just want to share this pix where i personally found that it was interesting. The first time i was in the lab, my eyes were tight up with the clock that has been tied up to the ceiling eventhough the host were busy explaining about the lab itself. Hehehe. It was actually in the environmental lab where all the students are playing and struggling with the chemical stuff. This pix was actually taken in Imperial College London since i was there for my tour. When i was looking at the clock, it keep reminds me of my highschool time. Kena ingat all this chemical stuff and the number as well. What a life! When i snap the pix, the whole delegates were looking at the same thing and they were like asking me “amik gambar aper zara?”, i replied “amik gambar jam tue lar, unique and cool ar”. They were like laughing at me.

Now i know that peoples always see things differently.

How i wish i have the same clock. This is way too cool!

Simply me,
The Province of Chroma

8 thoughts on “Precious Time

  1. huisshhh…mmg unik la jam ni kak zara..leh letak kt rmh blik..snang nk ngigat susunan benda alah tu…xpayah dh nk reka mak minah bwk ubi kayu laa..pak mat jalan ke hutan laa..hehe..cantik2..


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