Autumn in Korea – Halal Food in Seoul

Believe us, you won’t get starve while you are in Seoul. InshaAllah, there’s always Halal Food around for a foodies like us. All the food review are based on our taste buds. Just keep in mind that we really love Korean Food as we sometimes prepared some of the dishes back home. Bibimbap and Kimchi Tofu Soup (Jjigae) are sometimes in our daily lunch and dinner menu list. People who try Korean food for the very first time might not like the strong smell and taste of Kimchi. But, no harm trying right? In this post, we are going to share a list of Halal Food that we managed to try while we were in the land of this Joseon Dynasty.


This is basically the first Halal Restaurant that we’ve tried in Seoul. This restaurant is located hundred meters away from Samsung D’Light (Gangnam) that we’ve visited earlier and open from 4pm to 2am. Main menu served by the restaurant is definitely Korean BBQ using fresh premium halal lamb all the way from Australia with the price rangin from KRW11,000 to KRW20,000. Halal certificate can be found at the counter for reference. Personally, I’m not a big fan of lamb but FF’s does. I’m a lil’ bit sceptical at the very first stage but seriously, the meat served here have none of that typical lamb smells. For 2 of us, we only ordered one serving of lamb skewered, a bowl of soybean paste soup and 2 bowl of rice. As usual, side dishes and plain water was given for free. Everything was sooo delicious! The meat was soo tender and juicy. Just don’t overcooked it. It will spoilt the whole taste.






Direction: From Yeoksam Station (Line 2) – Exit 6, walk straight till end of the block. KFC will be on your left hand side. At the intersection, turn left and walks straight. Walk until you reach the first junction to the right. Turn right. Walk straight until you reach the first junction to the left. Turn into this road – Nonhyeon-ro 95-gil. After a few steps, you will see the signage of Yang Good Korean BBQ.


Next on the list is definitely the famous Dongdaemun Fish Grilled. We managed to try this famous grilled fish for dinner. There are a few selection of shops and the choice is all yours. If you asked us, we just couldn’t remembered which shops that we crashed into that cold night. They grill the fish just outside the shop so it would be very easy to spot it. Just choose any shop based on your preference.But, the grilled fish is something that shall not be missed!



You will be surprised that we managed to eat everything served on the table except the plates and bowls. The side dishes are to die for!

Direction: From Dongdaemun station (Line 1 or 4) – Exit 8. After exit, walk straight then turn right. Walk towards the stream. Once you reach the stream, turn right (the stream will be on your left). Walk straight. You can see ‘Pyoung Hwa Clothing Market’ on your left. After the second bridge (to cross the stream), turn right and go into the small lane. Take the left lane and there you are.


The most simplest meal ever but way too delicious. Dosirak is basically a mixture of white rice, kimchi and fried egg served in a metal lunch box with the price of KRW5,000. The container come in a scalding hot and you’re given a heavy duty gloves in order to hold it and shake it off until it is mixed. Yeay! Shake it off. Just how Taylor Swift did it! There are also other menu in the list such as the fish cake soup, seafood pancake and others.




Direction: Once you arrived at Nami Island Jetty, walks pass the middle section where they are many pretty pine trees lining the road until up to Nami Library. Then walk a little bit more and turn to your left, you will see the UNICEF train boarding section and Drama Café is just up front.


We had a chance to try this restaurant for dinner and we ordered Galbi-Tang (Korean Beef Soup) with 2 plates of rice. Unfortunately, it just couldn’t fulfil our appetite that night. We were so frustrated that the soup and side dishes served was not that good. Unlucky us. Maybe, it was just not our night as there were given a very good reviews by others out there.


Direction: Located right behind Seoul Central Mosque.


Delicious! Super delicious! This is basically a seafood stew restaurant with a 30 years tradition. The spicy hot pot with baby octopus, mushrooms, noodles and large sliced vegetables is the main choice here. Price can be slightly expensive but a small pot can actually fit up to 3 – 4 pax, depending on how much you eat.



DSCN5140-2Direction: From Myeogdong Station (Line 4) – Exit 6. Turn right onto the small alley between Frisbee (with an Apple Mac logo) & eSpair stores. The restaurant will be on your right hand side and right in the middle.


Since fast food restaurant nowadays have seafood menu despite of their usual dishes, we managed to get hold of the Shrimp Burger at Lotteria. Shrimp Burger are one of the popular menu that Muslim can buy while they are in Korea.



This is something that you should get for everyone back home. This dessert was made with honey and maltose, as well as various fillings such as peanut, almond, chocolate and others. We have been introduced to this local traditional dessert by our colleague right before we went to Seoul. She insisted us to buy a box for her and right after the demonstration at the stall, we ended up buying quite a number of boxes. We were made to understand that this is basically the favourite dessert of King Sejong. Shops can be found anywhere around Insadong, Dongdaemun Market or even Myeongdong.




Just like we told you before, you won’t get starve while you’re in Seoul! Bon Appetite!

Simply us,
Zara AB & FF
The Province of Chroma

17 thoughts on “Autumn in Korea – Halal Food in Seoul

  1. Farihans – Then what are you waiting for? Bukak airline website and sila purchase ticket ke Korea sekarang jugak. Hehehe. At the meantime, lunch time nie boleh la cari Korean food dan post kat Instagram ala-ala hipster. 😀


  2. Thanks for this entry. InsyaAllah I akan try kalau berjaya sampai dekat Seoul nanti. Pening jugak buat bajet & activity ni. Makanan paling tak tempting sekali ialah yang Murree tu. Hehe. Nak kena asah tastebud ni, nanti nak pergi try Dubu2 pulak. Gitu!


  3. Dzulichan – Yeap, this entry is specially dedicated for you. With this, tamat lar cerita Autumn in Korea ni. After 10 entries. Akhirnya! Hope this could help you out for your upcoming trip to Seoul. Talking about Murree, we are a lil bit frustrated malam tue. Dah la lapar. As we mentioned earlier, maybe it’s just not our luck. Tapi Alhamdulillah, kenyang malam tue.


  4. Azra – Bukan nampak sedap jek. Memang sedap! Portionnya agak besar la for both of us. Memang jenuh la nak mengabiskan sebenarnya. Tambah plak dengan isinya yang penuh dalam tue. Alhamdulillah, kenyang kami hari tue. Maybe Azra baru cuba in the upcoming trip ni.


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    Silakan kunjungi website ini – untuk info selengkapnya.


  6. Linda says:

    Salam…just nk share sket…sy bley bace hangul sket2…sy dapati dkt dongdaemun grilled fish ade serve jeyuk bokkeum means stir fried pork…tlong share kpd yg len2..thanks…


  7. Nur says:

    Salam.. i stumbled across your blog while searching for halal food places in Seoul. Your blog is very detailed and I am so excited to try out the places you mentioned. However as I am bringing my children along for this trip, are you able to tell me if these places aside frm the fast food have food palatable to 3 & 8 year olds kids? I heard food in korea is mostly spicy.


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